Day 4- Serving through our serve

This morning we had a quick run to the market and did some last minute shopping! Shortly after we departed with Edgardo and Erica to Los Guido to support and listen to the stories of single mothers.   We stopped to shop for the food supplies we donated to them.  We pushed the carts as Edgardo, Erika and Daniel quickly found 15 bags of rice, beans, oil, coffee & tua.  The basicis for these motheres.  The goal of the single mothers organization is to heal the self through physical and spiritual growth. Some of us had the opportunity to entertain their children while listening to their stories. We formed a strong bond with these women despite the language barrier and cultural differences. They also showed us the gym which is another ministry that Isabelle’s youngest daughter Debrorah is starting.  I was hallowed out house with little exercise equipment. It made us appreciate the workout facilities that are provided to us by Wooster after experiencing the conditions of their facilities.  Deborah believes these women in tough situations need a place to work out, to clear their minds and so has this women only gym open for a very small price.  It is the only workout facility of it’s kind in Los Guido neighborhood.  Tae Bo was the most popular class, and also Pillates. 
After our goodbyes we travelled 3 hours to the hot springs in La Fortuna. Talk about some hot water! It was beautiful and a great way to unwind after a long, bumpy, and winding drive. With our freshly renewed bodies we sang our way to the Arenal Observatory Lodge. Then it was off to bed for a restful night’s sleep in anticipation for our Costa Rican cultural exploration!

Buenos Noches,
Woo VB , expanding our horizons

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