Day 5: Exploring Costa Rica

Our apologies for just now blogging about Thursday…but here it is:

On Thursday morning WooVB arose to the birds chirping at the Arenal Observatory Lodge. All of us wanted to explore as much of the volcanic area as possible, so we started out with breakfast, which was muy bien. This was followed by a “difficult” hike, and yes, it was difficult…and raining. We conquered the “Old Lava Trail” hike, and we returned quite sweaty! We weren’t discouraged by the rainy weather, so we continued to the “Waterfall” and “Dantes Hanging Bridge” trails. They were not as exerting, but rather breathtaking! After our multiple hikes, we got ready for our canyoning expedition. A bus picked us up, and we headed to La Fortuna to “Pure Trek Canyoning.” What a great cultural experience! Although the rain remained, we had the best time submerging ourselves into the wild: repelling down waterfalls with one another. The instructors were encouraging and fun, and our team really bonded through this activity. Everyone was grateful for this opportunity.

When we returned to Arenal Lodge, we relaxed by the hot tub with each other, and then enjoyed our last supper together. Many of the girls found their milkshakes to be superb! After dinner, we went back to our cabins and reflected about our experiences from the past couple of days. Then it was time to pack and sleep. WooVB leaving CR tomorrow and heading home…or so we thought…

#WooVB Pura Vida

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