Day 6: Traveling

Killing time in Kroger...

Killing time with the Kimmels in Kroger…

Today we traveled, and traveled, and traveled.

We awoke around 6 and walked up the hill to breakfast. The Lodge was very accommodating, allowing us to eat before breakfast was even served! But then the tables turned, and our luck ran out…

We were off to a bad start when the bus was one hour late to pick us up. Thankfully though, the bus did come (so it could have been worse). It turns out the fog was the reasoning for the tardiness. A very valid excuse, but it made us miss our past bus driver even more. However, we made it through the bumpy mountains, only stopping once for a bathroom break and for some galletas (Heidi was a fan of them).

When we got out of the mountains, we came to a halt on the highway, but eventually made it to the airport. We said our goodbyes to Melissa, Devin, and Heidi (because they stayed in Costa Rica). All of us got through security and we had a little bit of time to buy things in the airport. Then we realized we were getting checked again, which involved getting patted down and having our suitcases examined. Security probably almost fainted when they checked Maggie’s bag…quite smelly. However, we boarded the plane and were off to Atlanta (Lois’ hometown…which ended up being the key). In Atlanta things went smoothly–the only bad thing that happened was when Maggie lost her bug spray through security (she doesn’t seem to understand the 3 oz. rule). We said goodbye to Lois (or so we thought) and Sarah, and then it was time to eat. Banko, Maggie, and Kelley had yummy Black bean burgers, while Rach and Marlowe enjoyed chips and snickers (wait, what?).

The final countdown, time to board. We were all sitting on the plane when we heard the flight attendant tell us we were experiencing a 30 minute delay. Then they asked us to get back off the plane, and our spirits of returning home sank. Banko heard the news first from her father, Alan, that our flight was indeed canceled. Coach began making calls to get flight information for the next day as we waited in the “help center” line. The booking man opened up another line and helped us book flights for the next day (today). Although it is not until the night time, we were lucky that we were not pushed back to the 23rd or 24th like most. Knowing we were not returning home, who did we call? Lois!!! The  5 of us arranged to stay with Lois at her house, which in hindsight is quite comical considering she offered to have us stay when we first picked her up in Atlanta a week ago. So Lois and her dad came to pick us up, and we said goodnight to Coach, heading to a suburb of Atlanta…but first, we went to Kroger! Lois and her father were gracious in taking us to get food. It was very nice of them (see picture). With food in hand we headed to Lois’ house where we were greeted by her mom and sister! In the end, as upset as we were not getting to go home, we realized everything happens for a reason, and at least we got to spend time with Lois! Hip hip Hoorayyy!!! So today, we are going to go with Lois to the Atlanta aquarium 🙂

#WooVB almost home…still going strong…from Atlanta…with Lois…and her family!


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