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Safe and sound home our families for the holidays.  The last night in Coach Amy’s room in our volcanoe wonderland we spoke about how this amazing experience changed us as players, as teammates, as coaches, and as people.  The most common theme was that we cannot let this experience end in Costa Rica.  We are committed to sharing our stories with our teammates, other teams at Wooster, and really anyone who will listen.  We have come much closer as a team, and realized service takes many forms.  I was so proud of the team for being open to the relationships formed and compassion shown in our service to Isabelle’s home for single mothers.  We all realize it’s much more comfortable for us to serve by getting sweaty, or dirty, doing some sort of manual labor…but walls built will crumble, volleyball lessons will be forgotten but it’s relationships and realizing that someone out there wants to understand that is these memories of service that will last a lifetime.  Along with the service at Isabelle’s women’s home, We were able to give a minister in Atenas a platform to speak to the young women we played agaist on making smart choices.  We participated in a youth clinic in San Jose, where we learned that simple conversations were some of the most important work we could do.  Everywhere we went we tried to represent our team, Wooster, and the US with pride and humility showing that our service was our greatest asset.

So please ask us about our trip.  Please let us share how each of us have been changed. 

I am so hopeful for the future of this team, and the future of all the Wooster volleyball players that are yet to come.  This trip reminded me of the reason I got into coaching.  It was that I figured out I as a single individual I could not solve all the world’s problems, but there are energetic, smart, hardworking,  amazing young women on collegiate volleyball teams.  To help them learn  lessons on the court and to channel all the things they’ve learned on the court for good off the court just might make some of those problems disappear.  It was a privilege to take all of you along, and look forward to our next adventure!

Woo VB- “Be the change you want to see”

Coach Davis

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